In Defense: Marissa Cooper

I keep up with the online presence of some of my¬†favorite TV shows. The O.C. is one of them, as it seems to have a consistently growing fanbase as time goes on. People find it on DVD and they love it, too. Yet, there seems to be one large difference between my views on it, and those of some of these latecomers. I’ve stumbled upon a disturbing amount of fans and viewers rewatching The O.C. and asking the internet basically, well, “Why is Marissa Cooper so terrible?”

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The O.C. Rewatch: “Pilot” (S1E01)

The Cohens are like family to me, in the way that I wish I was a Cohen. Or a Cooper, or a Roberts, or a Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts. Hell, I’d even take the last name Atwood if Peter Gallagher would adopt me. I’d accept anything for the chance to go to an OC party and gossip with the Newpsies, have some sort of drunken brawl with Julie Cooper, and end up in the pool. The O.C. defined my high school experience because comparatively my high school years were tame, and well, boring.

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